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List of products by manufacturer Moulin Roty

Moulin Roty creates characters and collections that retain all the charm of childhood memories. Since 1972 the team at Moulin Roty, originally a group of 30 friends who aimed at creating a disctinctive children's brand with strong values, displays a great deal of imagination to present children with friendly looking and differenciated characters. 

The collections are organised around wooden toys manufactured with care and originality: "traditional toys for todays' children". Moulin Roty now offers over  500 different products, toys, soft toys and accessories which are successful worldwide.

Moulin Roty's rucksacks: a must-have for the holidays or going back to school. Cheerful and elegant, practical and perfectly adapted to toddlers, they will hold a security blanket and a couple of heirlooms whilst on an outing. Choose from our selection of rucksacks and have them personalised for an extra special touch.

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